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Care4uwe leadership team have a wealth of experience in supporting adults and young people with a range of housing and support/care needs. This includes supported living provisions, semi-independent placements, homelessness support and complex needs.

Care4uwe is a family and we want to ensure that this continues with the growth and development. Care4uwe recognise the importance of a strong workforce and that employees help the company become outstanding.

All staff joining Care4uwe undertake a comprehensive programme of induction and training to ensure they have the skills and capabilities to meet the needs of the individuals we support.

Each of the services have their own team leader within the service to ensure that any concerns within placements are dealt with promptly on a day-to-day basis. This allows them to support both young people and staff. Staff will work shifts depending on the need of individuals. We understand that the structure of the service will develop as we have growth and development. 

Working for Care4uwe

Interested in being part of an organisation where you can build an exciting future for not only yourself but the individuals we care and support.

Care4uwe are a leading care and support provider; our services are within Reading and Wokingham and South East. We have been developing and growing as a company over the last couple of years.

We offer a number of services within the company.

  • Adult supported living
  • Complex Needs Service for both young people and adult
  • Young People Services

It is a great time to join the team and we offer a great environment to work in, which allows for staff to grow and develop throughout the service.

We offer full induction and ongoing personal development for each member of staff.

Why Care4uwe

For a Care4uWE employee, every day; really is different, with variety being more the rule; than the exception.

We support people with many different types of complex needs. Multiply that by the fact that complex needs often operate across a spectrum, so two people living with the same condition might find that the impact it has on their day-to-day life is completely different. And then factor in the fact that everyone has their own unique personality in any case, and you will start to see that two days are rarely the same.

Much of what our Support Workers get involved in is driven by the people we support, and in helping to ensure they can live with as much independence and choice as possible.

We value the individualism of people we support and aim to support our positive belief in them by demonstrating person centred goals to meet their aspirations toward independence.

We believe in everyone as an individual and that all are entitled to a sense of self -worth, we respect and recognise everyone’s ability to grow and develop and to attain goals they set for themselves within a person-centred approach to support. Within our homes we promote independence using Positive Behaviour Support and person-centred planning to develop daily living skills.

Work with us

Start your day knowing you’ll make a difference – join our ambitious team and create more opportunities for the people we support. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve changed someone’s life and, in return, we’ll help you on your career path to be the best you can be.

Why not join our team of extraordinary, passionate people? Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an inspiring new challenge.

If you want a high-flying career with an excellent work life balance then you are in the right place. Our diverse and dynamic roles are open to brilliant people like you.

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