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Referrals & Assessment


Care4uwe undertake full reviews upon each new referral.  Key information relating to individuals is gathered during the process. Assessment is undertaken using our ‘Assessment and Risk Decision Making Tool”. 

This tool allows us to gain comprehensive information and to fully identify the needs of the individuals, ensuring that we offer the best possible start to a transition into semi- independent living.

All placements are agreed in line with the Care4uwe referral, admission, and discharge policy. The intention of Care4uweis to provide person-centred support for the individuals(s) based on the individual risk assessment, care/support needs and budget.


Care4uwe is a Private Company and our commitment is to offer person-centered services unique to you. We consider all funding options from both Professionals and non-professionals as well.

Professional Referrals:

  • Care Managers
  • Health Services
  • Mental Health Services

Non-professional Referrals:

  • Private Referrals
  • Service Users
  • Carers and Families
  • Volunteers
  • Charitable Organisations


The assessment process is designed to ensure we can offer a placement where the person we’ll be supporting can achieve the most positive outcomes. In each case, when we’re assessing someone, we look at the whole person to determine their suitability for a particular home or service. We consider their needs, abilities and personality, where they’d like to live, who they’d like to live with and what things are important in their lives. The aim is to ensure we can support them to achieve as much as possible, while leading a safe, happy and fulfilled life.

Following initial assessment, the individual being referred, their family, friends and their care manager are encouraged to visit suitable accommodation for themselves, to meet the other people we support, the Home or Service Manager, and staff. Where this isn’t possible or appropriate for the person being referred, we look for guidance from someone who knows them well and can make recommendations on their behalf.

Where all parties, including the person who needs support, agree that a placement is appropriate, their care manager will apply for funding. After funding is agreed, a start date will be confirmed and a transition plan can be devised, specifically tailored to the individual’s needs, in order to provide as much support as possible during and after their move.

Opening Hours:

Office hours: 24 Hour Emergency On Call Service

Out of hours: Contact us by email: info@care4uwe.co.uk

Referral forms are available on our website to download here.