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Care4uWE Stories

Care4uWE Stories

All people we support at Care4uwe have a one page profile and this really identifies what an individual likes; dislikes and the goals they want to achieve.

Our Stories really evidence, with service user consent, their good new stories and how individuals are supported in a person centred way to achieve their goals and dreams.

Samantha’s Story With Care4uWE

Samantha’s Story

The image below is of Samantha, who’s goals in 2019 were to “swim with dolphins”, and “Go abroad”. Support staff worked with Samantha to make this happen and Samantha had an amazing holiday in Malta and swam with dolphins.

Jordan With Care4uWE

Hi I am Jordan I am a care4uwe resident in a flat in a town called Basingstoke the company has great staff and management of staff and young adults is great the flat I live in is a ten minute drive from Basingstoke town centre 30-40 mins to  reading

They have given me skills to my life key and core skills such as cooking, cleaning, tidying, and stuff like that I like care4uwe.




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